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  1. oh and Baddog328 is a personal friend... Hes been in servers with me since day 1
  2. Garrett! when will this be? (yea i saw the all day thing) when will u be on to start the big event?
  3. Hey guys... Millerlite001 here again. I FINALLY got new Comp. and i wanted to play on server again... If not ok with u guys that's totally fine :)
  4. Hey guys, Millerlite001 here... I FINALLY got a better comp. and just wanted to know if i could get into the sever again... If not that's fine :)
  5. hello all... its been awhile since i last tried to log on to the server... and yet it still crashes when i do all the suggested things. I am going to take a little break from the server as it seems things are a little chaotic, with the ip changing, and tub's relative dying... I hope to find a solution in the future, and hope to be back on the server very soon. See you all in a later time!
  6. hm... it still gets a white screen then closes... what version of minecraft is this?