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  1. Adding to my own list, I was planning on using some consecrated soil and other stuff to make the Institute from The Mortal instruments.
  2. After being in survival long enough, my to-do list ended. Any ideas for what to do to spice up life? Statue ideas? Mini-game Ideas? House/Base/Shelter Ideas? Anything works.
  3. --- BEGIN ERROR REPORT b6cbdb50 -------- Full report at: C:\Users\Justin\AppData\Roaming\.technic\hexxit\crash-reports\crash-2013-08-08_13.39.22-client.txt Please show that file to Mojang, NOT just this screen!
  4. Ars Magica is perfect for Hexxit. Mo' Creatures however may not be. Hexxit desperately needs some better animals (birds), but it has things like cats and pandas that detract from the mood and game-play. It has some positive qualities (Wyvrens, Ogres, Wraiths) but I dont want all the insects and Bears running around causing me extra trouble. If you want more Hexxit style mobs, I recommend Divine RPG, although it may be to large to add to Hexxit
  5. Like Maximus930 said: Hexxit isn't about enchanting wood and recharging crystals, it's about fighting in battle towers and adventure. Not mining for some crystals to enchant wood. Ars magica would be a excellent edition, but I think Mystcraft might not be the best choice.
  6. You could try putting the mods out of both of those into the hexxit mod collection, but if you want to add 2 packs to hexxit it may cause some serious lag. But 2 mods should be fine.
  7. In the most recent update for Hexxit, a couple new mods were added/updated. One of the new features is highlighting the block that the player's cross-hair is on. I was wondering how to turn it off? Or what the mod was that contains it.
  8. first of all that isn't the full report, but at least try going into the save file and deleting the Mapwriter file (I think it is Mapwriter.cfg) I had crashes similar to what yours looks like
  9. The best thing is to have lots of experience with other modpacks that contain similar mods. There probaly hasn't been enough time for any "full" walk-through on Hexxit. A good place to start is just follow the starter books, raid a dungeon, and get to the Twilight Forest
  10. What is the amour leggings and boots he is wearing? They look like krek... is that possible for betterDungeons mobs to use other mods armour? It could be valid since it would be registered as an armour?
  11. As long as the subject of souls is up, what can you do with them? I know that there are some amulets that use blood and souls for something but what else?
  12. how do you make the thing to catch/collect it though? My NEI isn't showing me the recipe. (also for the blood vessel thing)
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