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  1. That's exciting news! Although I was really interested to see what direction the current Hexxit would take, I trust in your skills to make something awesome. Especially with regard to world gen. One question though: will Hexxit 1 be left as-is, then? Or are there plans to at least stabilize v3 sometime in the future, perhaps after Hexxit 2 is released?
  2. Wow, this modpack's difficulty curve sure has...changed, since the last time I played it. Which was admitedly a while ago, but still. Before, it used to be a fairly carefree exploration-friendly pack. Now it's more of a hardcore, "hunker down and cry don't you dare go outside ever" kind of pack, which...is fine I guess? But not exactly the kind of thing I associate with Hexxit. It feels like a totally different pack, actually. Is this the planned balance going forward, or will it be tamed a bit before officially getting released?
  3. Yeah, that worked for me. You might want to double-check that you're using the right Optifine version, since it stays updated to the latest version of Minecraft, but Hexxit is going to remain at 1.5.2 until all the mods have caught up. So you don't want the most up-to-date version of Optifine.
  4. You also still need enough bookcases as well. I wish it would let you see things like the max enchant you can perform, the amount of levels needed for something when it turns red, etc.
  5. Does Ars have any conflicts that need fixed in the configs before using it?
  6. Don't know about PCs, but following these instructions on a Mac (using the .jar-to-.zip trick on the modpack.jar file) results in working optifine and a vanilla Minecraft. So...that's a problem. Reverted and tried again the old fashioned way using the minecraft.jar and deleting META-INF. Result was a crash, so that's a no-go so far. But I haven't really fiddled around with it much. I love optifine for killing my all-pervasive lag spikes, but it's never been *impossible* for me to run Minecraft - modded or not - without it. Still: is there really not a non-destructive method of adding jar mods in the various technic packs? Like how MultiMC has an instMods folder?
  7. Oh man, if bloodwood blocks worked with treecapitator, I'd be dead so many times...