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    Ram glitch

    So lately I've wanted to add RAM to my tekkit, hexxit all that stuff. I've been trying to add ram but my only options are "1GB", "768 MB" and "512MB" I have 8 GB of ram on my pc and I've updated my java to 64 bit multiple times, tried older 64 bit versions but my only options are the three I listed. I always have my task manager open to see how much ram I have currently avalible and its always between 2.5-3.5 in use with around 4 free, I also have the same problem with my tekkit server only allowing me to go use 1GB or less of ram. I've scanned the internet and tried going control panel> System and Security> System> Advanced system settings> environmental variables to try to manually add ram but I don't have the java variable in there
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