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  1. Your Minecraft username: jazzy_rocks Your age. 14 Your general location in the world (Earth). The netherlands Your ideal starting area/biome, and most desired local resource? It realy doesn't matter, i just love tekkit and i always will. A general description of your ideal playstyle and any other information about you. I like playong tekkit allot and making new friends, i also love helping people out with their problems. I have never been banned before, i only was accused for griefing wich i never did.
  2. Hey guys, this morning, i wanted to play tekkit noodle but when i joined it said te following: grief Extensive grief. I think that you guys think that i have griefed, but i didn't and even if you guys think it, is there any proof? I won't even grief, thats for lame and nooby people. I was really upset when i couldn't play because tekkit noodle is my favourite tekkit server and has the best community on all the servers i know. Please un-ban me or do anything, I did NOT grief. Jazzy_rocks