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  1. Please do not double post your server. Redirect this post to: http://forums.technicpack.net/forums/open-servers.28/
  2. Sorry, But Grief Prevention wont allow people to claim land in mystcraft worlds.
  3. 1: I can, what would you want one for thou? 2:Chunkloaders are active. 3:The decay has been stopped. but just has left overs. 4:There are no /warps to goto yet. 5:Higher ranks get more homes. thanks for the questions! ~Flagship
  4. TEKKIT-FlagShip IP: FlagShip is based on the idea of "Clean, Fun, Gaming". With that idea, we have decided open the server to the public, anyone can join, we accept all languages, all countries. We have optimized the server to have a PROTECTED gameplay, ensuring that every-player can have fun without worry. We give you great starter-gear, ready to jump in. We have a MineWorld that allows you to use the most banned item that we have seen, a Quarry. This will allow you to gather ores very fast, and have the race to the top a very competitive objective. The server is still under-construction and will be completed in a short while, but as its Fine-Tuned we have opened it to the public to grab that head-start. Rules: No Swearing, We have a very strict code on swearing, all will be punished that abuse there mouth. Maturity at all times, there are no age-restrictions, but we emphasize the use of mature attitudes, thus making the bundled rules of No Whining, No Crying, Good-Sporting. No Griefing, all accused will be harshly punished. No Asking, Begging, Requesting for Creative, Staff,Mod,Admin,Op, Items. Hacking, Duping, Abuse of Bugs will lead to a swift Ban. [*]Banned Items: Explosives Cannon Canvas Bag, Unifier EE is disabled Quarry (OVERWORLD,NETHER,END ONLY, ALLOWED IN MINEWORLD) MystCraft Turtles Others May Be Added At A Later Time [*]Plugins: Essentials (Homes, Warps, /Back) Grief Prevention Auto-Ranking System Core-Protect We Hope To See You In! Server is Hosted by SpartanHost, 1.5gb of Ram.
  5. Word for Thought. If a mystcraft age is loaded and you do the command /manload, that mystcraft world will be added to the worlds dir in the group manager's list of worlds. meaning it now has its own groups & users ymls. All that will equal that it is no longer mirrored with your "world" groups and users.
  6. Galactic Craft does not seems to work with tekkit very good
  7. Hi All, Just had a quick question if any of your guys found away around the IC2 bug that happens when you create another "Normal" World with Multiverse Core, for 1.4.7 Tekkit Lite. I know that if u create another normal world it ends up making all the IC2 machines textures to go crazy and gui's end up getting disabled. My theory is that maybe make an extra normal world and disable the auto-generated one that the server gives u. cause the mulitverse ones seems to be fine for the ic2 machines. So i have a MV world being the default and have another MV world being the world that i wanted to create for a second. Any thoughts or comments would be great! Thanks, Vapor
  8. Name:Robert Minecraft Username:Vapor_Craft Age:22 Your long term minecraft project:Remote Power Grid Why you want to play on this server:I have owned 5 servers, very proficient in Tekkit. Hope to help make this grow and possibly help you out also.
  9. I know it might seem like it fits, but that Mods get fussy about it sometimes. just warning you. GreyList is where people can join the server but not be able to do anything until allowed to via Rank. Its a Semi-Whitelist. If you are not wanting grey list. Maybe have a time set to where they can look around your server and see if they like it. After (30 mins or so) have them rank up automatically. The plugin is called: AutoRank, easy config file to work with your Permissions plugins. Dont forget Vault as well, in case they dont want to work together(Works great with Group Manager) Best Of Luck! ~Vapor
  10. Fix your post to the guidelines at the top of the forums before a mod comes. ~Vapor (ps. Ur server gives me end of stream, and cant go anywhere without getting ranked up by admin(no admins online), in the topic [0.6.5] ect ect., add GreyList)
  11. You need to switch service providers then, cause minecraft is minecraft. all it takes is a computer, not a customized machine for each version. Ill help if u still need it, cause u got 12 pages of rage postings haha. Msg me if interested.
  12. Hello All, I recently had to Re-Format my PC due to ram issues. And i was using SphaxBDCraft with Optifine. I was wondering if there is another one out there for tekkit lite that may be even better? Just got bored of sphax, and playing with default texture ATM.
  13. From what i know, Tekkit Lite is Stuck at 1.4.7 Even thou it has a big assortment of mods than the other tekkits, Also they would have to compete with FTB which is a higher version of minecraft and more mods.
  14. The rift decay i think your talking about. They grow as your around them, causeing griefing around that area. More unattached rifts will cause considerable damage to the landscape, and will spawn enderman(also causing grief). Now for enderman spawning inside the Dim itself idk.
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