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  1. IGN: Oxxar_Jin Age: 19 Do you record: Nope Could you donate: Probably not. What would you do on the server: Build, survive. The usual. Why would you want to join this server: No banned mods mostly. And a few other servers a broken and don't have attentive owners. What do you love most about AoTBT: The Chisel and variety in blocks. Edit: I just realized how straight forward and simple mine is comparatively to some others. So wordy.
  2. Oxxar_Jin I think this server sounds great. You should make the gates work at the hub. I've had a problem every time to where everyone is stuck at the hub killing bats and starving.
  3. Oops. Couldn't figure out how to delete a post.
  4. Whoa oh my god my computer is acting funny. Sorry about the redundant message. But yeah it keeps saying mods are missing....
  5. Yo, IGN is Oxxar_Jin. I've been looking for a good server to no avail. I would love to see your server so please whitelist me.
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