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  1. I'm doing a LP with DrSlaughter, the onl thing we are missing is a server. Neither one of us can host a server, so we need one. Add me on skype: Justo223 We have a servr, please ignore.
  2. Hello peoples. I am 15 and starting a Tekkit LP, I just need a partner, 13-17 years old. I have a decent mic, skype and fraps. I can't host a server. If you wish to record too, use Sphax PureBDCraft for Tekkit (64x or 128x) My time zone is GMT+2 (East Europe) My skype is Justo223 My YT channel is 223Juusto My MC name is Justo423 Fill in this app Ingame name: MC experience: Age: Skype: Can you record: Time zone: I am available 10am-10pm GMT+2 Add me on Skype, PM or reply to this post Found a partner, ignore.
  3. I find the 1.3 update so awesome so it is worth updating, only 1 ID change necessary
  4. I've found two not on this thread. Modular Force Field System (Addon for IC2) http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=1292 WORKS Krapht's Sneaky pipes (Addon for Buildcraft) http://www.mod-buildcraft.com/forums/topic/1-1-0-sneaky-pipes-bc-3-1-2/ WORKS Just BTW, can I post mod updates that work like ComputerCraft 1.3?
  5. Re: Texture Pack [128x] Sphax PureBDcraft [Technic 6.0.7 / Tekkit 2.0 and down] I'm having an annoying problem with this. What happens is after some playtime on the world, some textures disappear, namely the Alloy Furnace and everything IC2 related. And also the Diamond Handsaw either turns invisibl or changes texture to another. And Thaumcraft things turn pink. I've also seen my alloy furnace lookin like an MFE. EDIT: BTW, I have changed a few mods. I have updated Railcraft to 3.3.1, Logistics Pipes to 0.2.1 and Computercraft to 1.3
  6. EDIT: I'm a bloody idiot. I fixed it.
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