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  1. Age: 20 IGN: RootBeerMagician Time Zone: US Mountain Time. How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 3+years How long have you been playing Tekkit?: over a year the old whitelisted server i played on went down now i play a lot of hexxit. Do you like any video games other than Minecraft, if so name some: terarria, gmod,half-life skyrim. fallout,jet set radio, left 4 dead etc. How much time would you dedicate to the server?: a few hours a day probably but i have a job coming up hopefully Tell me in no less than 25 words what you can give to our server that noone else can: -->RootBeerMagician <--- how can you not accept that name into the server?
  2. Remember to register on our forums to join the team speak and talk to the staff and other members (anyone under 14 and or sound under 14 will be muted sorry for the inconvenience) but will still be able to use the chat in the team speak.
  3. Post! and CTF is pretty fun, especially with skattberg on your team