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  1. Age: 17 IGN: evan121322 Why Do you want to Play on this Server: I want to enjoy a server and build mega structures that will bring inspiration to early budding builders and build factory's that will help other player gain the most out of tekkit. What Do you want to Build: I wanna build a large moon complex that would consist of multiple levels each with its own purpose and have it inhabited by many players.
  2. This server is really good it has protection for golden shovel so you can claim land for your base. The server is small but with more people we can make this small community grow. I have already set up my little base with all i need but its not much without good players to battle and chat to. The serve may be small but you can help make it better please join us and help us make it a great server for everyone.
  3. I would join but it refusing connection on me. Also if you add a protection plugin it would help greatly (even a simple home setting plugin will help)
  4. Guys i have had a problem where im unable to connect to any server i dont know why even when people are on it i got a feeling its got somthing to do with the new minecraft launcher I got for the horse update because it started after i got it and in the main menu "In the tekkit one" Its advertising the new launcher. Please i have been asking for weeks but nobody will help me
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