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  1. Is the server down right now? I keep timing out :(
  2. The IP you provided is your internal IP address. You need give us your external IP address for us to be able to connect
  3. The IP you gave us is your internal IP address so only people on your network will be able to join. You will have to provide us with your external IP address. You can find this by going to websites such as whatismyip.com
  4. I see! Thank you! I was very confused as to why that Better Dungeons line was in there, and what this had to do with the Scouter :P
  5. Title: Random Server Crashes--Cannot login anymore Version: 1_0_4 OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit (Linux) Java Version: Ermm, according to forge: [iNFO] [ForgeModLoader] Java is OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM, version 1.6.0_27, running on Linux:amd64:3.5.0-23-generic Description of Problem: Sometimes while wandering my server or something I will be kicked and get a "Internal Server Error" message in MC. Usually to fix this I'd have to restart. Now, even after restarting my server, I cannot login, and keep getting this "Internal Server Error". Error Messages
  6. I think the directory is just wrong. Is there a way to change the directory? I am on Linux too. There seems to be an unnecessary dot in the path.. maybe that's why?
  7. Today while working on my server, a ruin decided to spawn randomly inside our spawn castle. Has this happened to anyone? Does anyone know why it happens or how to prevent it? Help would be appreciated, as I really dont want ruins taking over my server :/ Also, I have deleted the rift portals (whatever the mod is called) mod if that somehow effects anything and I do have a meteor shield set up in case someone thinks I am mistaking ruins for a meteor.
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