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  1. IGN: Hersheysixty AGE:18 Experience with Tekkit: Mostly tekkit classic How long you have been playing:Around a year Why would you be a good addition to the server: I'd liek to play with a mature anti griefing community
  2. username: Hersheysixty I will not grief in homeworld:yes I will be polite & not swear in general chat:yes I will respect staff & listen to directions:yes I will report and not abuse any bugs:yes I will know and follow the rules: yes I have _____ Tekkit experience: just a little
  3. IGN: Hersheysixty Location: United States Age: 18 Ban History: None Tekkit Exp: I have recently got into tekkit just a few weeks ago and love it. Goals: I'd like to build whatever comes to mind and play with a mature community.
  4. Nickname: Hersheysixty Age: 18 What are you going to build? Something cool on the moon
  5. Your in-game name Hersheysixty Why do you want to join our server? To play on a mature server and to build cool stuff in space Why JWL? Because it looks like a pretty cool server Something about yourself I love to build and am pretty friendly
  6. Age: 18 IGN (In Game Name) Hersheysixty Why Do you want to Play on this Server? I love playing on towny/economy servers because it brings people together to work and share to build amazing things. What Do you want to Build? Whatever i can build. I'd love to build in space and have my own little town on the moon.
  7. Hi..I am trying to join this server put it wont let me. it says 1.5.2 in red and im not sure what to do. id appreciate a little help if possible. thanks.
  8. Age:18 IGN: Hersheysixty Timezone:EST US-Can. 5 Why do you want to play on the server?: I've had a hard time trying to find a server with mature people in it and i would like to be a part of one so i can further enjoy the game.
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