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  1. Minecraft Username: NoobyDBL Age:14 (people say I'm kinda mature. I do pranks sometimes (not with things like tnt or water hate those) Are you a YouTuber? Yea! If yes, how many subs? 10 Are you willing to donate? (doesn't effect your chances, just curious) maybe 2$ in a few months How much experience do you have with this mod pack? Some, but not with things like witchery or magics. What type of player are you? (Builder, Redstoner, Explorer) A bit of everything. Dolphins or Dinosaurs? Dolphins. LOL so many people saying dino's!
  2. I would like to be whitelisted. IGN: NoobyDBL (In Game Name) P.S. are there rules? Like, No greifing, No Excessive Killing, Stealing, ETC. Becuase I like pranks but not major griefing (fine with minor) lots of killing, and stealing
  3. IGN:NoobyDBL Age:14 Skype:David Average time you'll be on the server:1-3 hours a day Will you follow the rules?Definitely! (But does excessive pranking mean 2 people are pranking each other, but no one else? or does it mean no pranking everyone?)
  4. I guess because people think 14 year olds are immature (which most are, and I hate) that you shouldn't be in their server. ATTENTION anyone under 18 don't really think of applying
  5. IGN: NoobyDBL Age: 14 Location: Sweden (where I am has AMAZING internet) ModPack Expierience: Unleashed, Tekkit lite, and Technic (lol kinda old) Extra: I work good as a team, don't like killing (but I do like punchin ;D) I am good with redstone, and my skype is NoobyDBL
  6. It also makes everything else change to tekkit lite, add new pack, tekkit lite, add new pack, etc. so i have to del my folder and launcher
  7. The last 5 hours I've been trying to get tekkit lite to work, basically I open it up then it loads normally, but it immediately closes! idk what to do! I'm so frustrated and stuck so will someone help me! (I'm on a mac if that has anything to do with it) EDIT: also does it with all modpacks
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