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  1. IGN: ImperialAceX Age: 26 How long you've been playing Hexxit: Since it came out. Maybe a picture of some previous builds: No pictures. I don't normally build in Hexxit, instead I like to move into a conquered castle. Why you want to play on this server: Vanilla servers are better and fresh servers are the best. I noticed your edit to your first post but I'm going to post my info in hopes of maybe someone leaving and there being more room.
  2. IGN: ImperialAceX SKYPE(Must have): imperialacex87 Experience: Decent with most of Minecraft, but I enjoy Hexxit the most. Been playing Hexxit since it's addition to Technic Age(16 or OLDER): 26 Pros & Cons about yourself: I'm helpful to most except beggars as a Pro. As for a Con, I will track down someone that griefs me without mercy... Bans(If any): None. Favorite Minecraft Youtuber & Why: Cavemanfilms for all the mod showcases.
  3. Are there any spots left open?

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