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  1. Grab the Forge Loader logs from the technic directory and post those for us. Have you added any new mods?
  2. You posted technic launcher logs, which I believe just handle getting into the main menu for Minecraft. You say you can connect to any server but yours. It may be more integral for us to see the Forge client logs, or the actual crash logs generated when the client crashes. Also, the server logs around the time of your crash may hold some information.
  3. Lethosos: Do you have any recommendations for mods that do this? :)
  4. LOL. I've never seen anyone get as hostile as that guy did over a forum post. Too funny :)
  5. How do you make an Ender Sword with T Construct? I know how to make most of the others with the smeltery and the like, just not sure about Ender sword.
  6. The Technic Launcher is simply a platform for your convenience. You're going to get the same lag in Hexxit with that PC setup without the launcher, due to the level of things going on behind the scenes.
  7. Please don't take this as condescending. I don't mean it to be. Your best bet is to Google "Let's Play Hexxit" and find a streamer that has a voice you find pleasant. There's TONS of them :)
  8. You did not complete the installation steps correctly. Download the VANILLA (original) Sphax texture pack. Download the Hexxit Sphax pack. Open them side by side. Copy the Hexxit pack into the vanilla pack, replacing any files it asks about. Copy that new modified zip that is effectively both combined, into your texturepacks directory. It works.
  9. Chris, that link is to the Sphax Hexxit Patch. The patch has to be put into the original Sphax texture pack. IE: Download vanilla Sphax. Open it in WinRar. Download Hexxit Sphax Patch. Open it in WinRar. Copy all of the Hexxit patch into vanilla Sphax, replacing anything it asks about. Drop THAT new zip into the texturepacks folder. That will work :)
  10. The minimap is the cause of your flashing mana bar. Ars Magica works well for a week or so on my dedicated server, but then it went totally haywire and the server woudl crash constantly throwing errors. Don't get too deep or attached to it. You may run into the same issue I had. Thaumcraft, on the other hand, has shown me no problems at all so far.
  11. Are there any other hidden recipes like the knapsack? I don't even see that in the books it gives you.
  12. I don't know what a gravichestplate is. There is SO much to discover in Hexxit. ROFL. Thanks for the directions. I am almost done, just need an ingot cast to get the alumbrass. You are awesome for posting that out for me.
  13. Ooo. How do you make a knapsack?
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