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  1. 31 oct 2013- * Update (1.1): - Artifice: Completely textured. - Better Dungeons: added textures for the new swords/shields. - qCraft: Added texture for Quantum ore. - Natura: Added some new textures. - Tinkers' Construct: Added textures for: Cutlass, new blocks and items. Added a total of 469 new textures. All Links Updated.
  2. Hey if you want anything cover just ask me and ill be happy to do another video on it. I didn't even realize you did this in the first place but its fine. But make sure to send the message over youtube i don't really get on technic forums much.

  3. There is already a Sphax patch for hexxit:
  4. Details: Hexxit website Original thread on BDcraft Forum Downloads *Last update: 31 Oct 2013 128x Download 128x Download (Mirror) 64x Download 64x Download (Mirror) 32x Download 32x Download (Mirror) Textures in this pack: Preview: How to Install Download the base texture pack for MC 1.5.2 from here. Open the downloaded base texturepack in your favourite archive program such as 7zip or WinRAR. Download the addon patch from this thread. Open the addon patch zip and drag/drop the contents of the addon patch zip, and drop it inside of your base texturepack zip file. Copy the zip to your Hexxit texturepacks folder. Any doubts, here are two videos showing how to install: *Thanks Sploopz and Gaming On Caffeine. *Important tip: You must allocate more memory for hexxit, you can do this using the launcher. The amount of memory used depends on the texturepack resolution that you will use. (I recommend a minimum of 2GB for 128x with the graphics on fast): Install the java x64 (if your OS is x64), make sure you have ram available on your system, otherwise you can not be able to increase the memory in the launcher. You also need a good video card to run the x128/x64.
  5. yes, I updated today, is now with the complete patch for falling meteors and some textures for other mods. ;)
  6. Sphax wip Modpack patch: Available in 128x, 64x, 32x. Has some wip textures for artifice, and other compilations of textures that are not available in the individual patches. :)
  7. Sphax Modpack patch here: