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  1. Omg tppi is on technic .... Just an idea but how about instead of M3:TP we have a tppi server cos everyone will be playing it ;D.
  2. Just looking through the files on my old pc and found some screenshots http://imgur.com/PFLHsRo,loik7Xi,WoBjPrX,721GiX0,bFY4NBb,LilqluJ
  3. I cant wait for this reset it will be good to do a survival again.
  4. Hmm.... well idk any more but i would rather keep playing with people i trust than trying to move servers. Ive been playing generic land so long it would be sad to see it go.
  5. I know :/ but is m3:tp necessary its empty almost 24/7 but if there was a more well known pack it would mean more players and maybe more donors, I also remember a long long while back that we had a vote and decided to stay with tekkit lite for the time being but now the time has come ....... In my opinion anyway. t
  6. I know exactly what m3:tp is and it is always empty it does not interest me as there is nobody on-line and it lacks some mods that I enjoy. That is why I am suggesting ether m3:tp it moved to a more popular mod pack (no offence intended gen or kalli) or tekkit lite is updated to at least new tekkit or above even ftb maybe.
  7. I don't know if it is just me but i believe that generic land has been left in the past. I believe that generic land has been supporting tekkit lite for a long time but by now it is clear that tekkit lite will never update. I believe that generic-land needs to update to a newer mod-pack as the mods now in tekkit lite are ancient and in my opinion are a bit outdated and boring. So I rest my case by saying that generic land needs to be updated to a newer mod-pack to boos popularity and also player enjoyment
  8. I just think that you should try and be a bit more forgiving loff or at least stop bothering him he will never get back onto gen-land so what's the point
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