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  1. 1. IGN: same as this username, just remove either the first or second, "o". 2. Reason for wanting to join, please be specific: just want a place a hang out and chill. 3. Tell me a little about yourself: I am not because you already know. (If you don't, look at profile pic) 4. Do you fully understand all the rules? Did I just wrote down this survey? Also, just picture me saying different ways of saying, "Yes."
  2. Age: 13 IGN (In Game Name): boredom24 How good you think you are at building (1-10): 7 Have you played hexxit: heck yea Skype Name: The Twice-ler
  3. IGN: boredom24 SKYPE(Must have): The Twice-ler Experience: Much much experience Age(16 or OLDER): 16 Pros & Cons about yourself: you already can tell. Bans(If any): lumber axes for some reason... Favorite Minecraft Youtuber & Why: Skydoesminecraft becuz he is just too awesome for the world...
  4. I mean like, if any of you guys have ips for first time hexxit servers, pleaz do let me know. kinda bored with all the other servers. But I knew the latest servers are usually better than popular ones because... well... they get usually already explored and stuff. So if you just started a server, again let me know.
  5. name is boredom24, sure i will looove to join while one of my favorite servers is down
  6. IGN (In Game Name): boredom24 (i messed up my username) Age: 15 Why Horizon?: Searching a server that is kinda new on the list while one server is down What is your goal on the server?: To help. Or just to have fun Im gonna go now and yes i am a brony. see ya! booredom24
  7. IGN: boredom24 Age: 13 Why would I like to join our community? Because I have so many ideas when i check out this serve. Do you know how to install the Hexxit Mod Pack? Do I have a face on my picture?
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