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  1. Connect to Wolf Empire ATB Server: atb.wolfempire.org But wait! Check out what we have to offer to you! Multiple Worlds We give you a choice of various worlds to play in. There are currently three worlds you are given access to. The worlds would be Resource, Luna, and Ascension. While Luna and Ascension are both survival worlds,the Resource world is different. The Resource world resets on each Friday to ensure there is never an outage of resources. So this means you wouldn't build here. Packs Plugin We also offer you the chance to utilize our amazing custom coded group system. On Wolf Empire, teamwork is high promoted. With the Packs plugin, you can thrive as one pack alongside your friends. Keep Inventory We enabled the option for keep inventory to make the gameplay fun and playable. If you die, you would be given a second chance. You can keep playing like this. Item Economy | Villager Shops Our server offers a very unique economy experience. The economy is not based on a random number anymore, but on the number of emeralds that you have. You will get emeralds from voting and selling. Also we have super cool villager shops! Post your name and a review on the server to receive 50 emeralds! - In Progress -
  2. Here at Wolf Empire we offer you the best teamed survival experience that you can get. We modify every elements of the game in order to ensure you have a wonderful time. We also have loads of custom plugins to enhance your gameplay. Combined with an amazing community, you are sure to receive the full package of Hexxit. MAIN: At the main server, it is the heart of Wolf Empire. Here you will meets loads of players and befriend in order to take on a boss, chill out, or scavenge the lands to find a settling habitat. IP: hexxit.wolfempire.org Moonlight: On our secondary Hexxit server, Moonlight, we are currently trying to put together an even better gameplay with our custom coded plugin, Packs. Packs is a plugin that centrals around teams. We make it so you can compete together in your pack with friends against other players on the server. You will not even have to worry about getting raided either. IP: moonlight.wolfempire.org Once you receive the full package that we are offering here at Wolf Empire, share your thoughts and post a comment!
  3. This is fixed in the newer version of CHocobo and Hexxit needs to update!
  4. Did you turn off chunk load on request? I had the liquid error when I did that.
  5. Thank you finally for the Artifice fix!
  6. Excellent server! XD Nothing to stray you off from your Tekkit adventure :P