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  1. I'm seeing that you're using Hamachi and online mode false.Try to watch a tutorial or something.
  2. 1. How old are you (optional) 14 Or older:13,Gonna get 14 next month:D 2. Your IGN:stefanolteanu 3. Whats your skype:alex.me16 4. Why you want to join:i want to play some attack of the b-team with people because single is BOORING 5. Have you been banned from any other servers:Never. 6. When can you play?Almost all day after i get back from school (CET) 7. What makes you think you should be added to the server?:I'm very peaceful,i'm very friendly and very kind (You may see presents from me:D ),If there's something that i can help i will surely help,I Can Keep Secrets:D BTW i'm noobish at Advanced genetics, Thermal expansion and minefactoryreloaded
  3. Well i'm using optifine for both AOTBT and vanilla and i'm using the same settings V-Sync Off On Both BTW i have a 7 year old pc
  4. Are the foodicons green is yes then you might be eating something that gives the Hunger effect, try to eat vannila things like Bread or Steak. Hope this helps
  5. First,Why did you Capitalize the first letter of any of the words ? I tried on a mac and it looks like my and my friend's macs can't run it
  6. So i don't really understand it ,on vanilla i get about 30-40 fps and on A.O.T.B.T i get about 90-100 fps Why ???
  7. Is the power they need the power that you make with the steam turbine and redstone cells and stuff ??
  8. Thanks for the warning, now i know why my old testworlds don't work anymore. Also do they need any kind of power ???
  9. So i just started playing 2-3 days ago and before i start doing survival i want to know the "Basic" Things, I was trying to figure out my self and i couldn't do,i wanted to make a sorting system,but i somehow failed and i was trying to do something with advanced genetics but nope nothing worked Can Someone explain me how can i make my way around advanced genetics and how to make a sorting system? Srry. for my bad english(i'm romanian)
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