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  1. In-game Username: beastybouks Why should you be whitelisted: I am a good person who is looking to learn something new from a nice tekkit environment Do you promise to adhere to the rules: Yes Sir!
  2. IGN*: beastybouks Reason for wanting to join*: I have never played and was hoping for someone to show me around and help me out in terms of understanding hexxit thingys If a furry, what's your fursona?: I am not a furry but am wondering what it is and i am open to becoming one. Do you fully understand and agree to the rules?*: yes one question.... Is there chest lock protection? Tell me a little bit about yourself: I am 14, from the U.S. and have never played thing mod pack before.
  3. Age: 14 IGN (In Game Name) beastybouks Why Do you want to Play on this Server? I think it looks like fun and I want to learn the ways of tekkit with some nice people What Do you want to Build? I am looking to build a nice house then look into some more advanced things like a rocket
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