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  1. Ign: Fyrst_Igor Age 22 What are you going to build: Some farms, and some ME systems.
  2. Yea first i saw it in the log and was wtf is this weird stuff. But when vulcanones suddenly appeared outside my home, i understood. and i saw how dangeous it could be to a old world.
  3. It was turned the right way, hence the wierd behind harvesting. The trees harvested was a normal jungle biome, so their could be a small chance, but i doubt it. since it was such a big area.
  4. If my memory serves me right, when the redProject mod was added, server ram usage was increased by a lot. It could have something to do with all the new world generators that came with that mod, and the fact that it retroactively generates stuff. I dont know. But mb.
  5. So we had some weird looking crashes lately caused by the MFR harvesters, harvesting. Dunno whats gone into them. But other found that even without range upgrade this kinda just harvester all tree they can find. We have had like 25 ish or more chuncks behind a harvester cleared for wood, and the harvester had a x7 upgrade in it. So idk whats going on, but they are going kinda mad.
  6. I still cant get either the client or the server files. And when i reset my pack to the earlier 1.2.5 forge is missing.
  7. Cant download server files, or update client pack.
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