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  1. Ign: Fyrst_Igor Age 22 What are you going to build: Some farms, and some ME systems.
  2. Yea first i saw it in the log and was wtf is this weird stuff. But when vulcanones suddenly appeared outside my home, i understood. and i saw how dangeous it could be to a old world.
  3. It was turned the right way, hence the wierd behind harvesting. The trees harvested was a normal jungle biome, so their could be a small chance, but i doubt it. since it was such a big area.
  4. If my memory serves me right, when the redProject mod was added, server ram usage was increased by a lot. It could have something to do with all the new world generators that came with that mod, and the fact that it retroactively generates stuff. I dont know. But mb.
  5. So we had some weird looking crashes lately caused by the MFR harvesters, harvesting. Dunno whats gone into them. But other found that even without range upgrade this kinda just harvester all tree they can find. We have had like 25 ish or more chuncks behind a harvester cleared for wood, and the harvester had a x7 upgrade in it. So idk whats going on, but they are going kinda mad.
  6. I still cant get either the client or the server files. And when i reset my pack to the earlier 1.2.5 forge is missing.
  7. Cant download server files, or update client pack.
  8. Ive encountered the same problem. For me it happened when i broke a anchor though but same thing, instant shutdown under boot, had to remove the mod to start the server again.
  9. This is no biggie, but mb others have thought about this to. In the power armor when u install a battery, for instance the HV one, u can raise the amount to 5MJ (5 million Juels) but when u look at ur screen to the right it will say 500K when at max. I guess thats because when looking at the battery with the tinker table it tells u the value of power in RF but the bar on teh right shows u the power in MJ, even though the word "juels" would make u think of minecraft juels and not rf. But well no biggie, just a mix of using 2 power i would guess, 1 for showing and 1 for filling.
  10. For some reason i have some problems with the "i", to much space added after. http://prntscr.com/2ob14q http://prntscr.com/2ob11h I must have done something wrong earlier, but it seems ok now. On vanilla texture atleast. Deleting the text font file from sphax fixed it to. Dont know what i messed up, but all good now. thx
  11. Ok ill look more into it. Had the same problem on vanilla texture.
  12. Just tried doing some cc programming, and saw they the formatting of the text is very badly screwed, some letters are so badly formatted that u cant see what they where supposed to be. The problem is on both the computer and the monitors, and both normal and advanced. Both formatting issues is on ssp and smp.
  13. I can say either havnt done any testing, it was just was i first encountered after update. Before i didnt use funnels, but tank, mb they changed that. It could be that they buffed their own turbines again, from what i heard, they was nerf a lot from 1.5.2 to 1.6.4.
  14. In atomic assembler recipes u need "motor" for lots of the stuff, if not all. The motor got no recipe though. I used atomic to make steam, and used the steam in steam turbines, worked fine, but seemed like they changed the about of steam produced got lowered with 1.2.5
  15. Hi Its been said a couple of times regarding the empty DSU and me storage bus bug. Now ill say it again. Connect a empty DSU with a ME storage bus to a network. When u put items in the network server or client will crash, and might remove some import busses. See now that doesnt sound so bad right, u can live with that. Well then let me specify even more. The bug happens when the network tried to store something in the DSU, and only with the storage bus, export and import bus works just fine, and it doesnt matter what priority the bus have, even if the network should fill other empty chests before this DSU, for some reason it still tries and cause crash. For server owners this can really be a pain in the ass. For any empty DSU, and a fast generating setup, like smelting some stone, and then putting this stone on the ME, this can very easily cause constant and instant crashes when ever this furnace and network is loaded. Normally when ever the player making the mistake joins the game. I just had this happen to a server im on. I dont know how else to fix it, other than deleting the items causing trouble with MCedit, cause u cant get near it ingame. So as someone else said, can we please get the extra storage cell addon mod ? So it would be possible to ban the DSUs. PS: A fix for this have been made in teh AE rv14, but since it have been abandened, i dont see that getting implemented.
  16. Sad to see Atomic go since it got much more than just power gen. I love to dupe item that otherwise would be time consuming to get.
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