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  1. Just tested in both single and multi, works fine for me, even when i blow up my lander.
  2. They are nice. I used the to pull only 1 out of the time, when ever my fusion reactor was empty. More efficient and better use of deutorium. Other than that i use them much. They are very nice. Plz let me know if u have same problem as me, or not, so i know where the problem might be.
  3. The autarchic AND gates, havent been able to get diamond or iron working on "single pulse" mode. The normal pulser mode works fine for me. Tried both in single and multi, same results.
  4. By something wrong i mean not working at all. And gate with single pulse setup worked at the same spots last one.
  5. Indeed Btw there seems to be something wrong with gates single pulse function in this version. Worked in the last one.
  6. That worked, ty a lot. Missed the update where it was changed so had no idea, thought it was a bug at my end. But now it works fine again :)
  7. I see something from power suit is disabled, but custem color should still work right? But i havent been able to install that mod since update from 1.0.6. In the power suit config file, it says that custem color mod is "true" but i doesnt show? Must i enable it somewhere else? If yes can anyone tell me where?
  8. I think my texturepack should be able do to it. It did in tekkit classic, and i believe i found the image file for it also. But still after all this panes just dont wanna work anymore :(
  9. Tried MCPatcher, with no results at all. Didnt seems to work?
  10. After more looking into it, i found out that my optifine was working, cause it worked on glassblocks and sandstone blocks, but not panes. Maybe i remember wrong and it never worked on panes in the first place. Even though i wish it did
  11. I just tried adding optifine for 1.5.2 to the modpack.jar and running the game. No changes. Do i have to enable it somewhere in some config file? or should it work right away?
  12. If i remember right in the old tekkit 1.2.5 or so i think, when i had glass panes next to each other they would kinda go togher so there was only 1 big frame, and not a frame for each pane. But since update to new tekkit i dont see it? Its so long time ago i played the old tekkit, so have no idea if its a change in tekkit, my modpack or where it went different. But if anyone knows how to get it back i would be very happy :)
  13. How come galacticcraft havnt been updated? in this version ? The sealer is still bugged, so its kinda hard to make any real base on the moon.
  14. Tried breaking and placing all, censor, diskdrive and computer, its still broken. So i tried doing a test if it was the redstone signal in the computer that was broken, that worked fine, so i think its something there is wrong with the sensor or sensor card or something like that, cause the program runs fine and just keeps going but the doors dont open when im close And the program have been on a disk ever since i made it.
  15. So i was looking around for a update on the tekkit, and found this thread. Nice work btw guys So i install the update and all works fine so far. But an old conputercraft program i wrote to controll my maindoor, doesnt work anymore. So i tried going back to 1.0.6 again, and i stilll works fine there. I dont get any crash, any errors, it just doesnt work. Anyone know what to do?
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