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  1. In game name: Nekisaur Age: 16 Location: NYC Are you currently banned from any servers: No i have never once been banned. Minecraft experience to date: I have played minecraft for a year and a half up to now. A short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on our server: Well, i'm nekisaur most people just call me neki. last year in the summer i got bored and decided to try minecraft out. My first server was atherys ascended which is currently shut down. I found it very fun finding new friends and building new and incredible things. I would love to join this server because i would just like to get with a group and build something that will really leave a mark in minecraft.
  2. Username: Nekisaur Age:16 Why Tekkitopia? I've always had trouble on servers with unfriendly people and boring pace with builds and such, your server sound very promising and fun and a good place to find craftin' buddies. Your secret code:8nek
  3. Age: 14 IGN: Nekisaur Why do i want to play on this server?: Im looking for a very friendly server i can share and enjoy with others. What Do you want to Build?: Im looking to build a city under-neath a mountain and start a little village. I just wanted to say also that i love the no-grief part because a lot of servers i have been joining are all grief and pvp and it makes the game very un-enjoyable so im looking forward to this!
  4. IGN ( In game Name): Nekisaur Age: 18 Why Horizon?: i just really want a friendly enviornment with tons of people to meet. What is your goal on the server? Well its mainly to get some friends to hang out with and make some really awesome creations that we can just share with people i really just want to have some company is minecraft.