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  1. Age:13 IGN:callofdutyguy423 Timezone:Pacific Why do you want to play on the server?:I want to play on the server because recently my other hexxit server that I've been playing has gone down permanently and i wanted to get a new whitelist hexxit server even though I'm 13 i hope to see you guys there.
  2. IGN:callofdutyguy423 Why:I've been looking for a hexxit server recently because the other server i used to play on got deleted or something so I'm looking for another whitelist server where people don't grief everything they see
  3. Title: I start up hexxit it goes to a white screen then closes the launcher and hexxit Version: 1_0_4 OS: Mountain line Java Version: 7 Description of Problem: i try to start up hexxit then it instantly closes wtf Error Messages: thecoremod cofh.asmnCoFHplugin does not have a MCVersion annotation the core mod code chicken foes not have a mcversion and may cause problems with mine craft the coremod microblocks doesnt have an annotation Error Log:
  4. IGN(In Game Name):callofdutyguy423 Age:13 Why Horizon?:Well the server seems very fun I'm new to hexxit and am very exited about learning how to play it and all the modpacks,and I dont want to be griefed so this seems like the perfect server What is your goal on the server?:My goal is to learn about all of these cool things about hexxit and be successful with it,and possibly record some videos on it for youtube if that is ok with the owner of course.
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