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  1. name: jackwest98 age:16 why are you joining: sounds like a great server to play on and feel i can help the server.
  2. Staff App : Username : jackwest98 Age : 16 Timezone : England Do you have skype? : jack-west2 Do you have Teamspeak? :Yes Why do you want to be staff : Because I feel I can help the server out and I have a lot to show to you and a lot to give, im experienced as I have owned my own servers and been staff on many others, this new server looks amazing and all it needs know is staff, id love to join the team and help the server, I will donate 100% when I next get paid to help keep the server up and running, I can advertise the server to help it get popular and a lot more. if If I get set a target or task I will make sure I will put all my effort into it and I wont give up until iv done it. How can you help our server : I can advertise the server to help it become more popular then what it already is:), I can 100% donate when I next get paid to keep the server up and running, and I can hopefully get other people to aswell. Current time played on the server: Nearly a day ( don't let that put you off as ill always be on the server and ill make sure im dedicated to:) thanks for reading I hope you consider me, -Jack
  3. Age:17 Why you would like to be a chat mod: becuase i want to help the server out and i have alot to give, i feel the server doesnt have alot of staff so i would like to become apart of the team to help help people who need it and to make sure the chat stays clean, i also feel that i can help the server grow by advertising and maybe donating in the future. How long have you played the server: 2 days, i know its not alot but if i get accepted i will be more active and dedicated. Have you got experience as a staff member: yes i have been staff on quiet a few servers ranging from Helper, to head-Admin on hexxit and i have owned my own server on normal minecraft, so i have quiet abit of experience. Do you understand you NEED to use mumble to be staff: yep thanks for reading, -Jack
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