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  1. diamonds/iron/gold is even easier to come by using a mob farm with grinders. Capture the mob essence, feed an auto-spawner that has an ender man contained in and grind those suckers. Sit back and watch the ender pearls roll in.
  2. Under the Tekkit-icon on the left side of the launcher there is a little cog-wheel. Click on it, select "Manually select a build" and pick 1.0.6 from the drop-drown list. Hit "Save" and then launch as normal. It will ask if you want to update, do so.
  3. I just installed the Cooling System, and that does indeed work in the nether. It might be a feature, but even if it is it feels a bit too realistic :p
  4. I take damage. This is with only the power fist equipped, none of the armour. edit: went to nether (still just the power fist), fired and was at 30 heat, waited 30 seconds and fired again. Took damage
  5. I noticed this as well (even signed up just to write it). Will try to re-create it. I had the glove with a HV battery, railgun and was hit (or close to at least) by a Ghast. Other modules: Jetpack and shock absorber. Heat went through the roof and did not appear to go down. I'll see if I can recreate on my server. OK done. Heat does not dissipate in nether for me. Modules installed: Jetpack, shock absorber, heat plating on all armour parts (set to ~1kg weight), railgun and HV battery on glove and one other part. First time it happened suit was crafted in 1.1.6, second time in 1.1.7.
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