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  1. Spartan6767 My profile may look like a noob, idk, i just reset my password and everything to reply to this, but i assure you i am no noob to Minecraft. I am howoever a noob to ATOTBT. (Attack of the b-team) I have played with some of the mods, though. Please tell me if i make it onto the whitelist! Crap, i forgot to say why i wanted to join. I really like this modpack and would like to find a server that isnt inhabited by tiny baby men who grief my stuff for fun.
  2. you should start replying to the people who post on your thread
  3. Age:15 Gender:Male IGN:Spartan6767 Skype? Yes but my mic's busted ^ If so name: xXColormaticXx Maturity 1-10: 9 Humor 1-10: 10 Dedication and how often you can play: a LOT Any other info: I'm a good fighter and I once beat a guy that had full diamond armor and a diamond sword with just a broken bow 5 arrows and my fists
  4. IGN: Spartan6767 Reason: It looks cool and it sounds like the kinda server I would want to play on alot. Please consider adding me to whitelist
  5. Application: 1. IGN: Spartan6767 2. Reason for wanting to join, please be specific: I love PvE servers and small servers AND Hexxit servers so this is like a triple hit for me 3. Tell me a little about yourself: I'm 15 and mature but also good to have around. I'm good at Hexxit and Minecraft together so i feel like this would be a good server for me. I do have hamachi, so send me the network, password, and server IP and I'll join whenever possible. 4. Do you fully understand all the rules?: Of course, or I wouldn't apply :P
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