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  1. I know I've sent in a application already but I got hacked and so I got another one could you register it? My current username is Bubble_Bunnie. My first username was KittyKaitlynn
  2. Ign: KittyKaitlynn I'm looking for a non- pvp server where i wont be griefed or raided.
  3. I play on your server almost everyday and I was wondering if I could be a mod. PS I'm KittyKaitlynn
  4. Age: 13 IGN: KittyKaitlynn Why I want to play on this server? : I'm bored and I'd like to join a server where I can play without worry of grief, attack, raiding, or things that relate to this. What do I want to build? : A rocket to go to the moon, a house, a farm, maby castle
  5. IGN: KittyKaitlynn I would love to make friends on this server i just hopped on and i REALLY like it! may i join you all? Ps. i dont like pvp and greif.
  6. APPLICATION IGN: KittyKaitlynn Age:13 Location: California Banned on any servers and why?: not of my knowlege Why I want to join: I like to make friends on a Big Dig Server and I'd really like to join please? Minecraft Experiences: I make Secret Tunnels, traps, Castles very well, and is good with world edit. Favorite Thing to do in MC: I love to make friends, Decorate, and Help my friends build what ever they're building.
  7. Can I join you I love making friends! I don't like pvp and I'm looking for a server to play on. Age: 13 IGN: KittyKaitlynn Skype: i got no skype May I join you?
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