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  1. This is a serious problem many technic users face on a regular basis. I personally just soaked my computer in duck repellant and haven't had any problems since. Make sure your anti-duck software is up to date to prevent future infestations as well. http://www.liquidfence.com/duck-turkey-goose-repellent.html
  2. Launcher/pack Version: (running tekkit for 1.2.5) Operating System: Windows 7 Version of Java: Java 7u4 Description of Problem: My players are being randomly disconnected despite me having the proper ports open in my firewall and router. Error Messages: http://pastebin.com/artvuAX0
  3. Purging my player data allows me to reconnect, but it would still be nice to know what caused this in the first place. Edit: I put my old data back, and now I connect fine...what the fuck minecraft.
  4. Launcher/pack Version: (running tekkit for 1.2.5) Operating System: Windows 7 Version of Java: Java 7u4 Description of Problem: I crashed twice while mining uranium, and now when I log in, the server gives the error message below. Error Messages: http://pastebin.com/fT6KQTCF Link to pastebin of log: http://pastebin.com/w7i7QsY5
  5. First, please don't sign your posts. Second, submit a proper bug report or you could be banned, and none of us can help you.
  6. Dear sir I must humbly request that you inquire of your chums to film them briskly beating your mother like a dust mop. Also: no.
  7. Not a proper bug report but I'll let it slide as you had a decent amount of information. Have you tried resetting the server? If not give that a whirl, it might wipe some kind of bad stored info and get rid of that ghost in the shell. Take down all the teleport pipes before doing so. If that doesn't work, get (or ask if it's not your server) a copy of the error that comes up when it happens (if it does, if it doesn't, ignore this).
  8. LWC and Votifier are both bukkit mods aren't they? Technic doesn't fix bukkit mods. I'd go and ask their respective creators.
  9. Are you running through a host or is it on your personal computer? Also, how much ram do you (they) have?
  10. Step one: Get rid of AVG. If you read the stickies you'd know that bloated piece of shit causes problems. Get Microsoft Security Essentials or Avast. Both are great, and will protect your computer better without screwing you over. Step two: Update java, update video drivers (why not, can't hurt?), delete your tekkit folder (%appdata%), download a new launcher, and reinstall. If doing all of the above doesn't work, we'll go from there. If you come back having only done one or two of those things, and then say it still isn't working, I'll leave you to the wolves so to speak.
  11. Your attitude is shit, just because I haven't gotten very far in life being nice, doesn't mean I don't do it sometimes out of the kindness of my heart. Way to be a pessimist.
  12. OR. OR. Maybe. Just maybe, you could click options, and change how much ram the launcher uses.
  13. Do you happen to be running some kind of video program? Such as bandicam or fraps?
  14. Nice, uh, log you got there. Being 12 and mature and funny, I'm sure that's what that is, right? Right?
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