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  1. Age: 17 Real name: Andrew IGN: MGnightFuryZz experience: not the best at tekkit but i know fair amount
  2. Minecraft In-Game Name (Nickname): MGnightFuryZz Skypename (and obviously will accept my request): MGnightFuryZz As much as you can and want to tell me about yourself (please longer than two lines):my name is andrew and im 17. i have just finished high school and now in work. i have been playing minecraft (pc) for about 1 year now and about 2 years with xbox mincraft and have a fair bit of knowledge on tekkit lite, i am friendly with others (Unless for any reason they annoy me) only play survival, i only use creative for testing. Persuasion of why I should add you to the whitelist and why yo
  3. IGN (In Game Name): MGnightFuryZz Experience With Tekkit: in ok with tekkit Location: UK, beccles Anything else you want to add?: i plan to make a public power plant using power teleport pipes
  4. Name: Andrew Minecraft Username: MGnightFuryZz Age: 17 Your long term minecraft project: public power plant with power teleport pipes Why you want to play on this server: just looking for a server with small but friendly community just to chill out and relax (Nearly all servers i have been on i have been killed when just starting)
  5. TekkitLiteServer I am making a small server just for 4 players on Tekkit Lite. don't worry if you don't know anything about tekkit because I don't it's just for a bit of fun. if you wish to join fill out the form below But I can only allow 3 more Players as my connection is not the best to take lots. Real Name = Minecraft Username = Age (15+) = Where are you from = Skype = Mic (MUST HAVE) = Any good at Tekkit (Does not matter) = Anything else I should know? = Remember 1st COME 1st Serve
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