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  1. Snarks and recreation.

  2. I just didn't clarify well enough, haha. The "(it's meanies, btw)" comment that freakachu made caused me to go into grammar police overdrive and correct every error the OP had made. I was just too lazy to quote all the specific errors they had made, as I would have been here for over an hour.
  3. jvb50m should be banned for making me begin a sentence with a small letter! My grammar police fingers are greatly offended.
  4. Are You Afraid of the Snark?

  5. The snark knight.

    1. oO_BUBBLES_Oo


      "Are you Afraid of the Snark?" This could be an interesting game....titles changed to include snark. bwahaha

  6. You can scroll down through the list on the launcher, you do know that right? It's there.
  7. Must...not...correct...look away from the correction above, Bubbles..........Ok, grammar police fingers can't stand it any longer. I must teach this person basic writing skills for the sake of our future's children! From the top: You do not finish a sentence with a preposition. Sentences should begin with capital letters and should always be punctuated. It's cannot, or can't - not "cant". Same with "don't". There is an apostrophe. "Anyone" is one word in that context. Try/Tried, meany/meanies, cry/cries, fly/flies...get the trend? "Hay" is for horses. Cows like it too. Apostrophe plus s ('s) indicates ownership; it does not make the word plural (responses, not "response's"). "There", "Their", and "They're" - Three different meanings, not interchangeable. "Whatnot" is one word. "Chow" is what you feed to a dog. Maybe you meant "Ciao", Italian for goodbye? "Anyway" is one word, and it never ends with s. "Your" indicates ownership, "you're" is a contraction for "you are". I hope this will help you to write better in the future, wenth. Well formed writing skills are an invaluable asset.
  8. Well, see, that triangle in the top right is the beak stuck up in the air. To the right of that is a detailed and shaded trapezoidal eye with a bushy eyebrow, and there is a small line-for-an-eye to the left of the "beak". The scratches (for lack of a better description) in the bottom middle are a fatty chin, and the black background gives it its overall shape. If you still can't see my genius vision, I will create an account with a photo sharing site (GASP someone who doesn't have one already?! I fail at the interwebz!) and upload an overlay. Haha. TheBytemaster is banned for overediting his own art.
  9. Undead Sort of Snark

  10. TheBytemaster is banned for having a chicken scratch drawing of a snooty angry bird as his profile pic.
  11. If we were showing off and being meanies, I'm sure there would have been plenty of mentions of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization involved - not to mention maturity level. However, I would say that the debate I threw myself into (when I started typing there was none, as I previously mentioned) was more along the lines of people pointing out to you the error of your ways. Namely, the breaking of the rules and the insistence that somehow you were entitled to do so. Your posts did become somewhat aggressive yourself, though, so I must conclude that you are the "meany" here. Especially considering I was sincere in my apology to your perception of my original post yet you continued to bare your fangs at me. (Offtopic and irrelevant: My grammar police fingers are itching so badly) o.O
  12. I apologize, sincerely. It took me about fifteen minutes of thought and editing to get that posted, in which time the argument began. I was not "showing off", as you put it, I was merely pointing out how easy it is to actually find servers of a certain criteria without too much effort. The rest of it was just a kick in the rump to help you to see how your original post was/could have been perceived by others who do take the time to do it the right way.
  13. Update the launcher (Build 253) and Hexxit - I believe it's 1.0.5 now for Hexxit, not 1.0.4.
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