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  1. The most straightforward way to do it that I know of is to make a copy of minecraft.jar in .techniclauncher/tekkit/bin or .techniclauncher/technicssp/bin. Next install the (normal) GLSL shader mod for the correct minecraft version to the original minecraft.jar. Then extract both the modified and original .jars to separate folders and use a diff tool (I like Meld in Linux) to find all the modified files. Put the modified files aside and add them to the modpack.jar in the same folder. Next go find the Shader.class and shaders/ folder in Sonic Ether's shader pack and put those into
  2. Re: Next Go-Around, please configure the pack better for balance and gameplay One thing I don't understand. If the problems mentioned are "super easy fixes", why not just STFU and fix them instead of throwing a tantrum about how someone didn't do it for you? @[email protected] As far as server-side config issues, if you're so damn lazy you can't be bothered to configure a server before opening it up to the public you do *not* need to be running a server. There are a *ton* of things you need to do behind the scenes on a server as an admin with or without tekkit - setting up backups, u
  3. Granted. But if you do that it's your own stupid fault <.< Also, due to hash collisions, there's not a 100% guarantee that the password you generate is actually the one the person used in plaintext form, although better quality algorithms will not produce collisions on a dictionary attack. I don't know how many times people have to be told not to use stupid passwords and not to reuse them in important places. If one thing doesn't steal one of your passwords another thing will - insecure website, virus (if you're using Windows or, occasionally, Mac), phishing attack, etc. I had to
  4. Yeah I saw the notes re: not hashing later. Brute forcing a known hash is essentially the same thing as precomputation in terms of prevention - use salts and multiple hashing passes to solve that problem. I wouldn't put it beyond Notch to roll his own hashing algorithm, rofl, but I don't know why they're resistant to using hashes. That's just mind-boggling. You just call the relevant hashing method before writing to file (MD5 or SHA would be fine...). Saying "we don't have time to implement hashing" is like saying "I don't have time to not point this gun at my own fo
  5. If it were me I'd salt the password before creating the hash with something procedurally generated by the client machine (and reasonably unique). Then an authentication request would consist of hash + salt. I don't know whether Notch thought that far ahead, but any crypto junkie or security professional would. (Granted you could steal the salt too if you knew the procedure) Brute force password cracking is trivial to prevent. You just limit the number of requests per time interval to something reasonably slow (say 1 per 10 seconds). Then the power of the client machine doesn't matte
  6. Re: so sick of youtube f-....arts. <3 It actually matters a little, since a significant portion of what we're paying our ISPs for comes down to bandwidth and other operational overhead wasted by fundamental security flaws in certain operating systems and devices. In that sense it hurts me personally. There are other issues that are a bit harder to measure (societal stuff like privacy and identity theft) which are largely caused or enabled by incompetence in the developers and users of those systems, but I can mitigate the personal impact of those things except insofar as it drives up ins
  7. That's pretty much it. But hey, don't worry. The upside is you'll get access to all the brilliant mods that in all likelihood are better than Bethesda's which 360 owners won't get. Or you could be the pragmatic gamer and buy the console, pirate the PC version. I'll be fucked if I *ever* pay twice for one game for the privilege of playing it on two different devices. I don't get to charge clients twice for writing a website that works on two browsers (ok, I do charge them extra for making it run on stupid browsers, but still, not double...). No PC game has DRM if the users don't want
  8. Hah. If I owned every good idea I came up with before someone else took it to market I'd be rich. Of course if I paid to bring to market *every* idea I ever had, good or bad, I'd be very, very poor on the whole. &lt;.&lt; But not even the person who brings the product to market really &quot;owns&quot; the idea. Intellectual &quot;property&quot; is a fraud. Unfortunately factual reality and legal reality are very rarely related to each other.
  9. I place all blame at the foot of the guy who originally came up with the sick notion that you can &quot;own&quot; ideas. I won't go into a history lesson (I could, but I won't) or an economics lesson (ditto) or an ethics lesson (that too). There are plenty of good articles, essays and theses on why copyright is wrong and stupid (I'm a big fan of Stephen Kinsella's work, along with Boldrine and Levine's &quot;Against Intellectual Monopoly&quot; and Cory Doctorow's various utilitarian and pragmatic musings and practical experiments). But let's look at the rhetoric involved here.
  10. Re: so sick of youtube f-....arts. <3 I have a hard time imagining keyboards going away for serious text input. In all likelihood voice recognition technology will never get that last little bit to &quot;good enough to be generally used&quot; until we have a serious breakthrough in artificial intelligence. We might get something more exotic like key gloves with haptic response that simulate real keyboards or just direct neural input before they solve the voice to text problem Maybe that's too pessimistic, but even then, you can't write code efficiently with voice. &quot;
  11. Re: so sick of youtube f-....arts. <3 I think Microsoft is out of the running personally (if you're talking about that little fantasy tech demo they released a while ago with the microsoft-branded smart gadgets). I think they're way too crufty and entrenched in their culture and way of doing things to keep up with the changes in the market. I also think it's absurd to believe that we'll ever return to a paradigm where a single company is providing a majority (let alone the totality) of services. Edit: I should clarify, I mean out of the running for mobile devices and probably for con
  12. Re: so sick of youtube f-....arts. <3 Trends can change, yes, but I'm not talking about &quot;fads&quot;, I'm talking about &quot;market momentum&quot;, the kind of thing that market analysts use in order to steer the direction of major companies. To some extent perception of market trends is reality because when gigantic companies forecast the future they invest in it to the exclusion of other things, and that shapes what choices consumers have. When major game publishers say &quot;stop making PC games, mobiles and consoles are the future&quot; you can bet 2 year
  13. Re: so sick of youtube f-....arts. <3 Ouch. You don't know anything about programming, do you (point: I do it for a living). If this is what you think, and what your view of things is shaped by, I'm sorry but you're really not qualified to speak on the subject. I suggest Googling yourself a short education on the subjects of programming environments, processor architecture, instruction sets, cross-platform development, and emulation before you say anything more. I'm also kind of sad that someone as well spoken as you (by internet standards) is so thoroughly ignorant about how this w
  14. Re: so sick of youtube f-....arts. <3 Your ten cents are incorrect, sorry ^^ You can check the statistics and the trends yourself. Something could happen, something could change, yes, but some stats are already suggesting the 50% point is passed in regard to web browsing which is the primary non-work-related activity done on PCs. The same point passed many years ago regarding gaming. In regard to speed, rather than trends or statistics: It doesn't matter that PCs are faster. The speed doesn't matter to 99% of use cases anymore. Even chintzy little bargain smartphones have th
  15. Re: so sick of youtube f-....arts. <3 Why rage about incompetent computer users? It's so much more fun to laugh quietly as you watch them struggle to do simple things, pay for things you get for free, and have their shit broken and stolen constantly. I don't know why my computer is so slow, it was fast when I bought it! I don't know why my THIRD World of Warcraft account got all its stuff stolen! I don't know why this website doesn't work! I don't know why I should have to pay 60 dollars a year for antivirus! I don't know where the send/receive button is in the new Outlook! I don't know
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