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  1. And sorry, I do not have teamspeak neither I want to get it.
  2. Ok. the reason I wanted to be an admin was a) Im good for the job, and I have been a super admin before. And yes, I would love to help you with logo Im researching on building skills for letters. Sorry for saying "Ooooohh can I be an admin" Thank You.
  3. IGN: fimpevi Age:14 Experience: I would say a little I have been researching for a bit Do you wish to play on cubenation: Yes Yes please Looking for staff:I have never had an offer for this niether I have been a staff so yes, I would love to be part of staff.
  4. Hello My IGN is fimpevi and I have been looking for someone to play with 1-5 server for a while. SO I was wondering if I could play with 1-5 people privately like the yogscast. So thank you for reading and please respond Bye
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