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  1. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/it-wont-load-any-of-the-games-on-the-technic-pack.55545/ http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/no-modpacks-will-launch.55498/ And this thread, obviously, at the very least. I'm willing to wager that with more input from the guy with the post about pixelmon not loading for his pack, probably can't get past the launcher either, as the same thing happens for any new pack I try to download. This is from the comments on the "#373 Stable' post, which is the same problem as above I'm willing to bet, even if it's for a launcher build from earlier this week. Believe me, if this problem was as simple to fix as just looking junk up on the forums, then I wouldn't still be here. Not to mention the fact that, like, 90% of these threads go unanswered in the first place, which makes it seem like this whole forum is pointless. If you can explain why it works for my roommate and other players but not for me and some others, then I'm all ears. I have noticed, however, that most of my hangups occur at the 'version.json' stage and with extracting the wrappers. They get that far and go no further, regardless of whether or not it actually makes it to 100%. Java is running in the background and continues to chew up memory, but that's about as much activity as I've seen it have thus far. Your guess is as good as mine.
  2. Nope, Nope, and Nope. There is literally nothing that changed on my system since last night, save for the 'update'. I don't run AV or firewalls and all the included crap with windows is disabled and services stopped. If you've paid any attention to the forums lately, you'd notice that we're not the only ones to suffer this problem. It's the same problem numerous others are having currently. As far as it being an 'update' or not, if I double-click the launcher and it deletes the icon, shows the progress bar, and recreates the icon, then that is an update to me. Which is what it did, by the by. Thanks for trying though, it's obvious you put a lot of effort into trying to make me look like an idiot. Better luck next time?
  3. It's not Voltz or anything. Technic screwed something up with the launcher with the last update last night/this AM. It's happening all over the place, even on packs that worked fine before the latest 'update'. The most we can do is just sit and wait for them to fix it. Or hope and pray that they give us the option to run a previous launcher build that works.
  4. Not sure if it's me or your host, but the server hasn't been online for some time now. Is the address and alternative address in the OP still valid, or have things changed?
  5. IGN (In Game Name): Rhah Age: Over 21 (Not that age really has any bearing on how mature a person is) Why Horizon?: I've not had very good luck finding a decent Hexxit server. The one's I've played on so far were quite unprofessional and extremely vulgar. I perused around the website and came to the conclusion that you staff appear to be far more professional than that of the other servers I've played on. What is your goal on the server?: What's anyone goal in a video game? I just want to play and be able to socialize with like-minded people. And OMG, JerryKiddo. I remember you from a certain server you used to play on. Hope I get the chance to see you in-game!
  6. After playing here for several hours, I have come to the conclusion that this server is simply horrid. Impolite and unprofessional staff piled on top of excess spam and vulgar language just make this server a joke. Especially with attitudes like "You lost all your stuff/got griefed? It's not our fault." or staff who think a nickname like "Rapist" is funny. Granted, there was one staff who went out his way to compensate the player with items from his own personal stash. That's about the only commendable act I've seen in my 7 or so hours. Certainly not enough to absolve this server or its already tarnished name. Do yourself a favor, find a higher quality server.
  7. Was thinking about joining until I saw on the website that all of their staff are effectively bribing their way on to the team. I understand you've got bills to pay, but paying for a staff position? I'm personally not comfortable with that at all. Good luck with the server!