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  1. Hello Guys! I just wanted to make a post on here to let you all know about my popular YouTube series, Tekkit Classic Wars. Its all about a few different factions of people playing on my Tekkit Server. We all spawn in at once, run off and begin the arms race against each other to see who can become the most powerful person on the server. There is then massive battles with all the Tekkit gear, including tons of nukes ofcourse! All up until the final battle, where the champion of tekkit wars will be victorious! I upload videos of Tekkit Wars every Tuesday and Friday as well as lots more exciting gaming content to my channel every week! Including things like Hexxit, regular minecraft, other modpacks, Civ 5, don't starve, UHC etc. I know you guys all love Tekkit Classic as much as me, so give my videos a watch, see what you think, subscribe to my channel, and then hopefully in the near future I will be running a server for all my fans to play Tekkit Wars on together! Check out Season 1 Episode 1 here : Check out Season 2 Episode 1 here : Thanks Jack (SkyGliderGaming)
  2. Hello everyone! Skyglidergaming is a brand new channel which currently has some newly started series on it including Tekkit wars and Hexxit. I would love if you could check out my youtube channel and like and subscribe, because it really does help ever so much. We are open to peoples comments and suggestions so please do leave us some feedback. Thanks Skyglidergaming www.youtube.com/SkyGliderGaming www.twitter.com/SkyGliderGaming
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