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  1. Sorry if you couldn't get on. I was adding you to the whitelist and adding the Heads plugin.
  2. Obviously you didn't read the rules. You need a password hidden in the rules to be accepted.
  3. Example post: In-Game Minecraft Username: 1337Drakkon Age: (Classified) - You cannot put this. You must put an age. Password (Hidden in the Rules): FInd it yourself What do you like to do in Minecraft? (Build, Mine, Explore, etc.): Everything That's an example.
  4. Ign(In game name): 1337Drakkon Age: 13 Where are you from?: Arizona, USA What do you like to build?: I like to build houses. (I will build houses for people) What do you like to do mostly (Example:Miner, Engineer, Builder, etc)?: Mine, Play with machines, and Build (A LOT) Why do you want to play on this server? I enjoy whitelisted servers. They are much more controlled than public servers. (Usually) Do you have Teamspeak? I do.
  5. I wasn't accepted? That's disappointing. Hope you all have fun in-game though!
  6. Your IGN: 1337Drakkon Your age: Thirteen A short blurb about why you want to play on this server (What you're looking for, what you'd be excited to do, etc.): I like to play on smaller servers and like whitelisted servers. I like to talk with players and I'm very friendly. I'm not very annoying (most of the time).
  7. He said "yeah kind of" which means it may not be total anarchy. And it doesn't even work.
  8. The server is down and it makes me upset.... I thought it was supposed to restart after 3 min of inactivity anyways. Is it broken?
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