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  1. Getting an internal exception java.net.sockettimeoutexception read timed out error.....Last time this happened was because I had no connection to the server. Dunno why there would be a bad connection. :S
  2. |Your Username:| AmerikanRX aka AmericanRX |Your reason for joining the server:| Looking for a fun server with no griefing. |Are you experienced in Tekkit:| Aye sir! Been playing for years. I'm 23 btw. |Will you follow the rules:| Yes! I want there to be rules....and someone to do something to those who break them on purpose.
  3. Ingame Name: AmerikanRX Reason of joining: Looking for some tekkit fun. XD Also not interested in little kids jabbering like on some servers. Experience: Been playing vanilla a long time...Played tekkit classic for years, even before it became classic. Played quite alot of Tekkit a new frontier. Age: 23 Favorite mod: Hmm...that's a difficult one. Guess I'm gunna go with IC....solar panels FTW!
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