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  1. Well... No response at all.... I had to start using SKCraft's launcher/modpack creator https://github.com/SKCraft/Launcher/wiki/Initial-Steps .. Not as open the web page and fill in the blanks intuitive... but it baby steps you through everything.... might be a good thing
  2. From what I can tell it's all about that version string created by the modpack settings.. only optionse 1.10.1 and .2.... I wonder why no 1.10?
  3. I've downloaded and installed the latest Forge 1.10.. The only options for Technic Modpacks when building them is 1.10.1 and 1.10.2... I've tried both 1.10.1 and 1.10.2. I make my modpack.. same as I've made them for every other version before this. I run the launcher and begin to install the modpack.. as it's downloading the Pack it fails.... Failed to download http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/version/1.10/1.10.json Please Consult modpack author. What in tarnation does this mean????? This is the Version.json forge is using: { "id": "1.10-forge1.10-",
  4. In case you are having trouble with Pixelmon; Just realized after some long troubleshooting and talking to their "tech support" that they have inserted "DRM" that will cause the Minecraft Inventory to not function at all, no starter pokemon and gameplay seems a bit weird.. Don't know what exactly else they have done to the game, I had to set it up on Vanilla Minecraft for my kids to play. According to them it's being done to make sure people are visiting their site to submit bugs and tech support instead of going to other sites. I thought they got talked to about their DRM attempts in the pa
  5. Can anyone please explain how on earth a person adds a hidden modpack now? This new launcher has no add button with a url like the old one as far as I can tell.... Anyone, please?
  6. Sounds fantastic. Just curious, looking through the features; is there anything planned for allowing incremental updates to modpacks (akin to using solder) built in? Tried Solder a few times and could never get it set properly.
  7. THANK YOU BOTH!! I checked witht he Devs of TARDIS and cleared that one up.. Wasn't it. It has no code for it. I DID make the change to Tink by disabling that option.. restarted the server, joined and have now teleported several times without losing ANY hunger! THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!
  8. Long list.. Search the configs and nothing (at least that they put as an option) Mekanism-1.7.10- MekanismTools-1.7.10- MekanismGenerators-1.7.10- extrautilities-1.1.0h.jar GraveStone 2.9.2.jar selfie-mod.1.0.0-beta3.jar RandomThings-2.1.3.jar LycanitesMobsComplete 1.8.2b [1.7.10].jar enderio-2.0_beta.180.jar [1.7.10] 3D Furnace-1.3a.jar SecurityCraft v1.6.0 for 1.7.10.jar AsieLib-1.7.10-0.2.11.jar TConstruct_mc1.7.10_1.6.0d38.jar TiC-Tooltips-mc1.7.10-1.1.9.jar Squake-mc1.7.x-1.0.1.jar Chisel-1.7.10-1.5.6a.jar RefinedRelocation-1.7.10-1.0.6b.jar Carpente
  9. Does ANYONE have a clue as to why it would cost hunger to teleport (multiverse/multiword/essentials warp) somewhere? I recently upgraded my server from 1.7.2 to 1.7.10 using technic and Cauldron (MCPC+)... I have searched configs for mods and plugins and server settings for the words cost, food, teleport... ugh... I can't find a setting that leads me to the problem. Two teleports/warps and my hunger bar is completely empty. ANYONE have a clue as to what could cause this????
  10. I'd like to know what causes it.. Technic logs don't show ay errors... I used MCEdit nonetheless and was able to select everything and replaced the ID numbers affected with Netherrack. Workaround for now...
  11. I have an issue where the Nether (DIM-1) is being generated using the Bibliocraft Display case as one of the blocks. it's causing MASSIVE lagg. It's a new world, new server setup. i've tried deleting the DIM-1 folder several times, but the same thing happens every time. I looked in the cfg files but don't see any ID's as they had in 1.6.4. Any one have any ideas how I can regenerate it properly without these conflicts?
  12. I've been trying to do the same.... Decided on "open Blocks"... They have a cool radio that when you open the config file, you can enter URL's of online radio streams and NOW you can point it to the url of an M3u file (a playlist) that is saved somewhere online with access to the music as well... When you boot the game up it creates these crystal modules that it randomly places in loot chests throughout your world.. when you put the crystals into the radio and turn the radio on, it plays the stream. You can also access the crystals in creative mode.. one is created automatically for every str
  13. Try deleting OR renaming your technic folder to OLDTechnic (instead of deleting it). This way when you run the launcher it will download and reinstall all the launcher files from scratch.
  14. No... It's your server right? What it means is that for whatever reason, the ID's used BY the mods are conflicting between the client and the server. So when you try to join the server... whatever your client has assigned to ID 765... let's say the server sees it as a red pokeball, BUT your client computer that's trying to join sees it as an Apricorn. Two solutions that I've used. 1. Copy ALL your config files from the server over to the client config folder except for eplus.cfg (that one always seems to cause me issues.. But that's ONLY if your mods have created one, if not just ignore)
  15. I used Google translate to decipher most, but I don't know if the location I'm supposed to place some files is redirected by Technic or not to some other location or the (resources/mod/) folder.. This is the mcmp-1 mod (lets you play cassettes with your own music in them).. The Diamond Minecart did a review of it a while back ( ) but it seems that with 1.6.4 the directory where the music goes into changed.. it is now ( 以下のフォルダに音楽ファイルを入れる [マイクラ1.6以降] %appdata%¥.minecraft¥assets¥virtual¥legacy¥sound¥MCMP1¥songs [マイクラ1.5.2まで] %appdata%¥.minecraft¥resource¥mod¥sound¥MCMP1¥songs (深いので、どこかにショ
  16. Is there a way to incrementally update a clients modpack? Update ONLY what has changed? I'd hate to force a full download of a modpack if I only updated one file.......
  17. It's getting a tad frustrating to keep spending so much time trying to roll back or repair damage being done by random battletowers... I looked at the config and found that they won't spawn in certain Biomes...... So I changed the Biome our town was in to River as it was on the list of Biomes not to spawn in. Worked like a charm for a minute. NOW certain parts of my town get changed into a "wasteland" Biome followed by a tower. I've caught it at certain times.. flying around town and I'll see a large plot of Wasteland sticking out like a sore thumb (without a Battletower at this point. Nor
  18. Updated java yesterday, got fed up. Installed magic launcher and transferred the necessary files... Runs like a dream. I'll keep it this way until the "launcher" issues are resolved.
  19. Thanks for the suggestion . Didn't work though ... OSX, launcher buid 290, using "recommended 1.0.7".. I presume the "latest" 1.0.8 is the one that creates the modpacks folder as the 5 different times I've deleted the technic folder completely; it rebuilds it with the Hexxit folder located in the original spot within the Technic folder. I even tried creating a modpacks folder earlier just to see if there was a glitch and it just redownloaded all the Hexxit files again and recreated the Hexxit folder in the same spot.
  20. Ugh... Doesn't matter.. Even after wiping out the technic folder and running the TechnicLauncher.jar.... It gets "Turned" into the new version... instantly without any prompts.... More research...
  21. Ill add a bit more.. Just found that if I wait about 10 minutes it will load.. While I'm at the options screen (as long as I've got the screen maximized the edges of the window appear smeary but I can see the buttons); the whole thing starts to run like a slideshow... CPU goes through the roof and sooner or later I get the spinning globe and it crashes. Anyone have any ideas how to get around this? Maybe an old version of the launcher... I'll look to see if I have a copy... somewhere..
  22. why would my Hexxit suddenly stop functioning? For one thing.. on my mac, I had the launcher using Java 6.. NOW it crashes with an illegal memory access if I use it. So.. I use the technic Launcher Jar file and it launches with no error.. (using Java 7)... But the screen is corrupt when Hexxit loads up. okey doke. Found a workaround for that.. full screen. So I go and load up all the mods I use on my server... (this is after making sure Hexxit loads up to at least the "Single Player" "Multiplayer" menu). Now it takes FOREVER to load... I'm not even sure it's going to load.. For example
  23. Those are the Battletowers.. BIG Pain in the BUTT. They'll spawn randomly in certain BIOMES. I've read they're "supposed" to not spawn in your "home"... whatever that is. I found a workaround since I got real tired of using worldedit to try and repair the Battletowers that kept popping up around my villages/cities.... Especially the the Pokemon Stadium I made for my boys (I have Pixelmon installed as well)... Yea, Battletower right down the middle of it... Anyway, the fix is that by default Battletowers has a config file and in it is a list of "Biomes" that it will avoid. You'll need to have w
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