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  1. IGN: Marsden107 Age: 18 I have been playing tekkit since it came out originally and have played hundreds of hours as either a moderator or user on probably a dozen public servers. I want something smaller that I can really enjoy a community feel with and some real nostalgia.
  2. IGN- Marsden107 Age-18 Been playing for years and know the mods in and out. look forward to joining!
  3. Would love to join. IGN is Marsden107 I'm 18 and I have loads of experience.
  4. Hey, Would love to join! my IGN is Marsden107 I'm 18 and have played LOADS of tekkit when it first came out so I know almost all of the stuff in there. Lmk the ip!
  5. IGN: Marsden107 Age:18 Expirience: Played a LOT of tekkit when it was originally out. I know pretty much all of the mods. I am looking for some nice peaceful nostalgia with other friendly players.
  6. I would love to try out this server I am very expirienced with minecraft and I have spent a great amount of time Admining in Garry's Mod as well as minecraft. IGN:Marsden107 I would love to help out as much as I can and Administrate if you need the help and play survival mode! (I'm 16 btw)
  7. In-game name: Marsden107 Age: 15 Time spent playing modded Minecraft: Let's see I played tekkit or tekkit classic now for about 6 monthes on a server called cf-tekkit which was great. I took a long break after tekkit classic got taken down and the server I played on went under. I have been playing hexxit for the past weeks with like non-stop gameplay to be honest I would stay I have 1000 hours of serious gameplay time on modded minecraft.