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  1. All warfare progresses as any normal combat interaction. There is no griefing at any time. War typically results in in-game skirmishes and on-forum roleplay. In fact recently there have been high tensions between Tenebris phaedra and Solum. We had one recent city siege and have just created a topic called "Green Torch Contingency" in relations to all warfare occurring in this immediate time. Anybody is free to hop right into this one and we would love some new people writing alongside us.
  2. That did not work. Also how come you never spell Meteor correct, every time you've said it on the forums you've spelled it wrong too.
  3. ======================================= ======================================= Server IP: or ======================================== Open 24/7 ============================================ Matrix Gaming was formed by a group of people from a roleplay heavy game called Freeworlds. Our community has gone through many different mods and modpacks but have decided Hexxit servers our purposes the best. The Hexxit server is Whitelisted in hopes to cut down Griefing. All you have to do to get on the whitelist is join the site and apply on our whitelist topic. Onto information directly regarding the server. Server staff are as follow: Admin/Owner - TheMatrixMage Admin - Landmine_Fanatic Admin - Rimaldo (prpirate) Moderator - PVM_Curtis If at any point you have questions, simply send one of our staff members a message and we would be glad to help. ========================================================================================================= At this current time, our server is run off of the concept of "Realms". There are Four Realms as it stands each of which has defining characteristics. Every player must be a part of one of these Realms but may also form a Kingdom under this Realm. Currently, Tenebris phaedra is viewed as the main "Evil" of the server. This Realm is run by staff members and other trusted players. There are Primary Realms, which are the two Realms currently locked in high tensions. Most within these Realms are expected to be involved heavily in the current RP. Then there are Secondary Realms who still have a large impact, but are a little more flexible in relations and other standings. Aside from Tenbris phaedra, the other three Realms are open to all other players and are as follows: The Sanctus Kingdoms (Holy Kingdoms) - Kingdoms under this Realm all follow a religion of some kind. Religions may vary under different Kingdoms and maybe even under the same Kingdom depending on your structure. This Realm is considered a Secondary Realm. The Licitus Kingdoms (Legitimus Kingdoms) - Kingdoms under this Realm are locked into a non-evil, lawful alignment. Other than that, not many restrictions fall on this Realm. This Realm is considered a Primary Realm. The Outer Kingdoms - Kingdoms under this Realm contain the most freedom of all. They contain almost no limitations. However a large portion of the Outer Kingdoms is a Kingdom of Greed that focuses on fortune and profit wherever possible. This Realm is considered a Secondary Realm. ========================================================================================================= Below is a list of current Kingdoms and which Realm they are a part of: The Sanctus Kingdoms - Solum (capital) - Sanctum Interfectores - Solitude The Licitus Kingdoms - The Kingdom of Jin (capital) - The Realm of Thailon The Outer Kingdoms - House Lerak (capital) - The Dwarves ========================================================================================================= Server Rules 1. No griefing. 2. Show respect to other player, the staff, and yourself. 3. No unwarranted theft. 4. Do not bypass or attempt to bypass the World Border established in a 5k radius around spawn. 5. Do not spawn kill, or raid too frequently. (Such as every two hours) 6. Do not leave Unstable Rift Doors unattended. 7. No use of electric staffs in PvP whilst wearing Hexxit gear (ie: Tribal Armor) 8. No teleporting into or out of PvP. This includes /back. 9. Do not spam. 10. No "god-modding" or claiming to kill off people's RP characters without expressed consent. 11. Do not meta-game. 12. Each player can only be in one Realm. 13. Any special commands or abilites gained from donating/activity may not be used in PvP. 14. No /back immediately after PvP. Even if the other player logs out. 15. You must join a realm within 2-weeks of gameplay. 16. If you have any issues with the rules, you must contact an Administrator or post on our Rules topic about possibly modifying/removing them, or even adding new rules. 17. Do not violate the Blacklist. 18. You may not kill over 10 of any livestock in a single day. 19. You may not steal from armor stands, sword stands, or any other container that cannot be protected. 20. After the initial post of a ban, only the accused may reply in order to repeal it. 21. In regards to chocobo killing, you may only kill 1 Gold rarity chocobo or higher per day. 22. You may only raid another player's place when they are online. Banned Items - Bane of Pigs - Meteor Summoners - Essence Extractors - Ender Bows - Bags - Heart Canisters ========================================================================================================= Our server attempts to thrive on Roleplay and highly encourages it whenever possible. If you are interested in joining just join our site and sign up. Our community is very welcoming to new players and promise a good time. So hop on in and help crush the Dark Council and their twisted plans! Many adventures await for all who join, and who knows, maybe there will even be a surprise or two along the way. With deep regards, TheMatrixMage
  4. Updated forums with a new map Landmine. Might want to port that one over to here to accurately represent what's been explored.
  5. Ip: also works. And if you ever forget the site go to and it will take you to a lovely blank page with the link,
  6. Launcher Version: 290 Operating System: Windows 8 Java Version: Version 7 Update 13 Antivirus Program: AVG Description of Problem: When logging in the launcher does not actually launch. You are still able to modify settings etc... Through my testing it appears that Older Minecraft accounts (Username based ones) still work for the launcher. However, newer (Email based accounts) do not seem to work with it. So perhaps this can help maybe the updated launcher is just having issues verifying the email accounts. Error Messages: N/A Error Log: N/A
  7. I have been having the same issue. I found using an older minecraft account (a username based one) still seems to work while a newer (email based) is not working for the launcher.
  8. Mine is working now. I updated my java (which there seems to just have been a new update pushed) but it didn't work immediately. After a couple of hours it started working again. So either Technic fixed something on their side, or you just need to make sure you have your java updated. It would appear it's not actually fixed. I have two accounts you see. My original (when they still let you log in by username) makes it load and work. Meanwhile my newer account (an email one) will still not activate the launcher. So perhaps this is a bug with the launcher not hashing out the email users?
  9. Yeah, mine continues not to operate. After all the anticipation for our new theme for my community, it's really a shame for this to happen so last minute. Thank you to anybody who can at least offer possible fixes, etc...
  10. Also, I did this originally but didn't post it. The simple first step, turn it off then on again (a simple computer reboot) also did not work.
  11. Yeah and I need put my new server up for my community tomorrow Going to be kind of hard without being able to get on >.>
  12. I have experienced this issue myself as well. This didn't start for me until today. Also I have tried deleting the launcher, re-installing. Then I deleted the tekkitmain folder, and re-installed. Then I got rid of the whole .technic and re-installed. Alas, it still does not function.