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  1. Hello, this is CheesyErwin, an admin from the server MCVerse nations, a faction-based pvp server that has a lot to offer: Friendly StaffA lot of cool mods, (Flans, MFR, TE, etc...)No items banned (Yes, and you can place as many chunk loaders as you please)Lag-free and 100% UptimeAnd MORE!Our server is relatively new and we welcome anyone who wants to build massive nations and wreak havoc upon the opposing nations. But to keep things fun, we have a few rules: Use common sense: Just don't do silly things that would cause constant annoyance to other players.No griefing unless at war: No one likes
  2. I would like to join as well. I been looking for a small but dedicated community-ish servers for a long time, hope that it will be an enjoyable experience. I been playing minecraft since beta, and tekkit since 1.2.5, so I have plentiful experience and knowledge on tekkit-related mods. My IGN is CheesyErwin.
  3. Looking for people to play Tekkit together

    1. MaskMan14


      I have a great server that you might love. We even developed our own modpack! Just Skype message jordanninja89 if you are interested

  4. username: CheesyErwin age: 23 Why tekkitopia? Would like to find a great server where I can find great players to collaborate with. your secret code: 11che
  5. I am currently creating a much larger cannon that features adjustable charge levels and a CC-based fire control system, so stay tuned.
  6. "Soon you will glow... like the sun!" While the TNT Nuke Cannon is a rather cliché concept(I have seen several people doing that), I been always intrigued to build one myself. The "Trebuchet" Nuclear Payload Delivery Device is a modular, remote-controlled TNT Cannon. It can propel a nuke for at least 400 blocks away (Of course, you can add more charges by building the "charge tower" higher) It can be reloaded instantly through deployers. Why set off a nuke with flint and steel, while you can launch it from afar? Here's a Youtube commentary video about the cannon, and the firing
  7. As a relatively new server, we got plenty of land to build, so come join us today!
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