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  1. I'm sorry, but your server does NOT look like a 24/7 dedicated server. Most of the time I was willing to play, I spent HopeLESSly reloading the server list...Is there a reason for that?
  2. They chose not to have hundreds of people ragequit just because they die...
  3. IGN: OnTheBench Age: 17 How long you've been playing Hexxit (doesn't really matter, newbies or veterans are well received): I've been playing hexxit for about 2 months, but then I quit. Now, I realized that I miss Hexxit and that I want to join a friendly, no-grief server. Maybe a picture of some previous builds(not necessary just enjoy seeing peoples builds, however it will help to show your maturity level in how you build): Sorry, don't have any screenshots of what I build. Why you want to play on this server: I want a friendly server, which will allow me to co-op with other people and have fun. Also I want a server which doesn't have an old map, so it would be fun to explore.
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