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  1. JouleCraft is a special modpack made with fun in mind! We want this modpack to be very accessable to those new to modpacks, but still interesting for those very experienced. We have put the modpack through rigorous bug testing to make sure you dont have to deal with any bugs, because the players, who fuel what a server is, deserve it. The modpack is built around the Universal Electricity platform running with Mekanism. We specifically picked that over Industrialcraft or Buildcraft because of how much more fun and bug-free it is. We will be having frequent updates to keep the modpack f
  2. It works! Messing around with Galacticraft did it. Thanks, once again.
  3. I tried changing forge versions around, and now I get something new.. Servers still don't work at all, but I can now occasionally open it in singleplayer. They work, the coal generator generates, the batterybox holds power, and the electric furnace smelts, but then I go and try it at some other random time, and it just gives me that crash. I read somewhere that a few of these basic components are included in Galacticraft, could it be the cause of the issue? Edit: Yeah, removing Galacticraft removes the three machines completely. Maybe I'll just file something with them. Thanks for all y
  4. Ohh, I see. So should I just rebuild it? Or is there any way to just fix it from the source?
  5. Every time I try to use any of the three machines that are generally in "Basic Components" from Universal Electricity, something goes wrong. On singleplayer, I can place the actual blocks, but once I try to access them, I get this crash: http://pastebin.com/SQuiypMX However, when I try to use them on Multiplayer (A server I made using the same mods), I can put them into my inventory from the creative menu, but can't place them at all, else it just disappears from my inventory. I'm running MC version 1.5.2, and I have my list of mods here: http://pastebin.com/Z1mkSfU9 Does anyone kn
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