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  1. tubsi create your own server and do what you want with it. he said he appreciates you oppinion but please stop being the dude who thinks taht he wkows it all. you dont know everything
  2. hello my name is mantas. my ign is akpreacher. im just a simple 17 year old that loves minecraft. i was looking for a cool modded server to play on and this one looks just perfect. ( and no offence but please check younger people before you whitelist. and again no offence but they usualy are the ones who bring the server down) i hope i get accepted. -akpreacher
  3. What is your IGN? akpreacher Have you been banned before? If so why? i have never been banned NEVER How old are you? im 17 years old What are you wanting to accomplish on this server?​​ im getting kinda tired of vanilla servers and i want to play something diferent but with the same feeling as vanilla it sounds stupid but i cant explain it
  4. In-Game-Name (IGN) : ortepper Any experience with tekkit? : ive been playing for some time now Timezone/country? : EET/Lithuania
  5. IGN: ortepper Age: 17 Timezone: EET Tekkit experience:i played tekkit for some time now. Im pretty good at it A little about yourself: only one problem my english is good but not great, so if you see any typing mistakes. dont judge me :)
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