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  1. I'd love to. Im looking for a tekkit lite group to romp around wit 30 years old if it matters. Skype would be a plus.
  2. Hello, Vanilla Gorrila here... I'm 29 almost 30. Looking for people in there 20' s or 30's to play with. I have been looking for a long time for a server that works for me. I just like to play as a small team that works together in hardcore survival, tekkit lite. I'd like to go from building a hovel, to building an epic dwarven city of ridiculously kewl shiz... all with the same small crew of people. Id also like it if those people were light hearted, rational, and sociable. In other words, fun to play with. It would also help if you had some expertise, but its not required. I'm good with machines, applied energestics, and automated farming. I could probably start a small server, but it would be easier if you had one! I'd prefer we used skype or something similar so the game feels like you're actually hanging out. Let me know if you have something like that going on, or would prefer an MC experience like the one i want. Thanks! I live in the U.S. and any time zone within the U.S. should work for me.
  3. This sounds like my kind of server. IGN VanillaGorrila Age: 29 looking for some hardcore survivalists to play with, single player gets lonely. I dont like the lag or the dorkyness of the big servers. I just want a couple of people about my age to build epic stuff with. No OP, no godmode. Preferably mobs set to hardcore. Im good with automating factories. Skype: 04scribble04
  4. IGN- VanillaGorrila Age- 29 Years - 2 with tekkit, good with ME systems and automated farms and factories Im looking for a small survival server where everyones pretty tight nit. We work together on creating something truly epic, without resorting to OP or god mode. Yes I have a teamspeak, I'm more familiar with skype, but I have a teamspeak and headset.
  5. VanillaGorrila Age: 29 Skype: 04Scribble04 Looking to join a small tight nit server focused on building something awesome. I also saw that some of the players added were close to my age, so thats nice too
  6. IGN: VanillaGorrila Age: 27 Country: US Tekkit Experience: 1 year, good with AE, automating, also a decent eye for making efficient but good looking factories. Reason: Looking for a small survival server without the griefing. Want to find a small server focused on building something epic.
  7. boomerang was banned for "converting renewable energies into ores?" just something i noticed :)
  8. My name is Alan. I'm 28 years old. From SLC, Utah. I just like to build epic things with tekkit lite. I've mostly built in single player, but I've recently found myself wanting to build as a group. Every server I try, I team up with people adn then get robbed blind. I just want to find a server with very rules and restrictions on the mods but with players truly interested in working together to create awesome things. A small private server is exactly what I need. VanillaGorrila
  9. Found a much easier solution then building a redstone energy cell. (These require alot of parts and machines and liquid redstone etc. - if you werent using thermal expansion stuff, this is a real hassle.) Simply make a switch conductive pipe, put that between your wooden cond. pipe (pulling energy from the bc producer) and your phase cond. pipe (sending energy to your quarry or whatever). Put a lever on the block next to the switch pipe and waa-la. You can now stop buildcraft quarries/etc. constantly sucking energy from your batbox/mfe/mfsu with the flip of a lever.
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