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  1. |Your Username:|Vicbalbo |Your reason for joining the server:|I want to play with people and a community I really want to join. |Are you experienced in Tekkit:|I have played alot of tekkit, I have played with a few of my friends but want to play with a bigger community. |Will you follow the rules:|Yes, I will definetly follow the rules the yseem very reasonable and I will gladly follow
  2. 1- Vicbalbo 2-16 3- I have played alot with friends but have taken a few months break and want to play with people again. 4- Aqua.ct 5-No past bans, have never played on a real tekkit server before only with friends. 6- Eastern standard time (US/Canada) 7- I am a boy, like computer games alot, got bored with vanilla mc and found tekkit I love it. I would like to be a cassual player on the server. I like the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Penguins. Please accept.
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