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  1. Its not really hard to Google things to find out why the comment was made...... never was I have to have my handheld and explained things.... since I can easily search
  2. I assumed he was staying with 1.7.10 for Hexxit since I believe most of the core mods people love in Hexxit have not came out with a 1.8 Also the maker of Arcs is working on there own game or something that wil being using something similar. I think they said the API or something for it is the only public part on it.... There will be someone hopefully willing to come out with some similar to Arcs
  3. Is Magic 1.6 or 1.7? If 1.7 can still be used but if there needed to be a new update then it will need to be removed and most likely world reset
  4. Arcs Magic was on Hexxit 2.0 but the modder said he will not be updating Arcs magica anymore
  5. I believe his version of Hexxit will replace it
  6. Are you, are you Coming to the tree? They strung up a man They say who murdered three. Strange things did happen here No stranger would it be If we met at midnight In the hanging tree.

  7. Oh very EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would love magica like I been spamming haha but sadly that person is putting a halt on updating anymore..... Thanks Skuli for the hard work you did put into the update enjoying myself so far
  8. He said they are not adding Magica due to it not going to get anymore updates to it and the Modder is stopping the project
  9. Nvm I read that post you made about Magica not being updated anymore
  10. GEEV US ARC MAGICA 2 lol So far loving it....... sad tho some of my Sche now are blank in spots bc I used Magica blocks lol
  11. Wait no arcs Magic 2 I really think Hexxit needed something like that in it
  12. Loving the new hexxit update so far everything running smoothly minus some issues were I have to relog to get some things to work like Ars Magically which I love that Hexxit finally added. Adding Optifine tho to see if it helps since it did for the 1.5.2 version. Also would love thuma 4 to be added but understand reasons why you might not or why people might not want it. Question for the Devs working on the packs tho...... have yall thought about have server and single player versions of the packs? Like if you know Hexxit server or servers in general removes/ disables a Mod due to
  13. Kinda look to Hexxits build a bit then build off that. If Hexxit only had Thuma and magica it would been 10x better.
  14. Are anyone having issues with the non vanilla heads crashing the server when they are broken outside of creative? So far I know Endermen and Pigmen heads do this..... if there away to fix this issue or make it so players can basically one shot them?
  15. Ah gotta love Faction warfare lol
  16. Was wondering if other server players on or run notice if that server eats RAM. The server I am on when we have about 40 players its at like 80% RAM usage and it has about 8GB of RAM. Right now even after a restart it sits at 32% usage with 1 person I assume its a mem leak but wanna make sure thats what it is before I go searching and find out it was always something with Hexxit itself lol Thanks for any insight and also what would be the best route in tracking the leak? besides the normal of removing plugins and trying each one
  17. Be nice if hexxit could get thumacraft 4 and Ars Magica 2 in it.... Would like a bit more magic in it
  18. Can not wait for the new PvP arenas and PvE arena to open :3 Also a build contest might be happening soon since Hexxit is adding a map for it. Wonder what prizes are going to be given out!!!
  19. Yep.... Its nice the Nether and TwilightForest resests once a month and The End and Adv. World reset bi weekly
  20. Thats not odd at all to say lol
  21. Oh ya .... fresh maps!!!! Well besides main lol But Nether, End, Adv. World and TwilightForest all be rested =3
  22. You do know bananas are mutated correct?
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