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  1. In-Game Name:Lifegrasp180 Age:14 Why do you want to play on this server: Because I want a new server that is fun and doesn't have greifers trying to snoop through all my stuff. What DO you like to do (Build, Mine, etc.):I love exploring the world and messing around with new mods. What DON’T you like to do:I don't like griefing, Experience with modpack (1-10):probably about 7 What is love:Putting other people's needs in front of your own. Squirtle or Pikachu:Squirtle, because he evolves into a giant tortoise tank.
  2. Minecraft username: Lifegrasp180 Where you found this server?: Scrolling through the forum pages Why you want to be on this sever?: i want a nice server where i can enjoy my time online, instead of worrying for my life about griefers. What are you planning on doing on the server?: Aside from build, I like to just chat with people and hang-out. also i like to explore and experiment with the new mods. Your favourite colour?: I like this color
  3. Ingame Name:Lifegrasp180 Age:14 Why you want to join: Because i want a small, nice server that i could build in without greifers always getting into my stuff. Location:OK , U.S How well do you know this mod pack: pretty well actually. Do you agree to the rules?: Of course!
  4. Thanks man for the help I appreciate it EDIT: do i put this / at the end of the url then put ?download=1
  5. My only problem is the fact that dropbox requires money to make a public folder (which is something i don't have.) I did try using copy.com but every time it said it had trouble downloading the file. is there any other webhosts i could use (or at least a way to fix my problems with copy.com)
  6. Congratulations on getting a popular youtuber to play your modpack (also I would like to thank you for the link to the logo maker)
  7. From what I have seen this is a very beautiful modpack and I cant wait to play it. I am actually starting on my own modpack myself and I have to ask where you made your logo. It's very cool and I need a logo for my own. Keep doing what your doing man. :D
  8. Thought up new ideas for my modpack

  9. Thanks for posting this! I was actually hoping to make a modpack soon.
  10. Name:Lifegrasp180 Age:14 Why would you want to join this server: Because I find a lot of enjoyment in small friendly servers, and i feel like plugins take away from the actual experience.
  11. Hey Guys If you have Posted on this forum thread before (Modpack mod ideas (magic)) You know that I was asking for suggestions on mods that were magically based. Well I decided to switch gears and add some variety in there. My reason for this is thanks to the most recently released modpack, Attack of the B-Team. I realised how well the Witchery Mod worked with some of the other tech mods (A great example of someone who did just that is chimneyswift11 look him up on youtube.) Anyway I wanted to add various tech mods in the modpack to make things more efficient and organized. (If you ever played
  12. Hello i was wondering if you have missed my application because i know i applied a few weeks back and im still not white-listed. the application is on page 7
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